.....To Join UBK Just Print the Form and Mail it along with your payment to the Secretary at the address Below...Thanks for your support!!!


United Bowhunters of Kentucky Membership Application
(please print clearly)

Name _________________________________________ Number in Family _______
Street/Route ____________________________________ County _______________
City _____________________ St _______ Zip ________ Phone ________________
E-mail ________________

Please list Kentucky and national bowhunting
organizations and/or other sportmen's/conservation
groups of which you are a member:

Bow Weight ___________________

Type of Bow: compound traditional both

Number of years bowhunted? ___________
Do you hunt big game with a gun?
Yes No

Do you bowhunt small game?
Yes No

Do you bowfish?
Yes No

I attest the above information is true and that I subscribe to the Rules of Fair Chase and that I
adhere to the highest standard of attitude and performance afield. I understand any violation of
the aforementioned terms can terminate my membership.

Signature ___________________________________

Send check or money order ($25 annual or $400 Life) to:

UBK Secretary - Rick Caldwell
3137 Radiance Road
Louisville, KY 40220
(502) 807-2257