UBK's United Purpose
United Bowhunters of Kentucky functions to unify bowhunters for the common goal in promoting, protecting, and preserving the sport of bowhunting. UBK also recognizes and supports wildlife and environmental programs which benefit game and non-game species. Members work actively behind the scenes supporting and monitoring educational, field research, and game management.

Our Goals
UBK seeks to involve clubs and individual bowhunters with our organization for a collective voice against anti-hunting sentiments and to communicate with the Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife (KDFWR).

United Bowhunters of Kentucky was founded because of the need to protect and promote bowhunting in Kentucky. Along the way, we have found it best to instill in our members a desire to abide by the "Rules of Fair Chase" and a code of ethics.

We were not concerned with the type of bow an individual would choose to carry, but rather the attitude these individuals carried.

Members of UBK agree that a bow is defined  as a  Longbow, recurve bow or a compound bow that is hand-held and hand-drawn, and that has no device to enable the hunter to lock the bow at full or partial draw.

  Today equipment has changed quite a bit, but our mission remains the same. We are still looking for people that believe with the privilege to bowhunt, comes the responsibilities of bowhunting. We are looking for people who are willing to take the highest attitudues, as well as equipment, to the field with them. We want people that give the land owners the considerations they deserve. If we are to continue to share the land with them, this means doing something to directly contribute to conservation and good public relations. We need people to step forward when they see bowhunting being adversely affected. In short, we are looking for people who care about leaving bowhunting in better shape than when they joined.

  Your membership will bring you many benefits. The best benefit being the assurance that bowhunting will be here tomorrow for future generations to enjoy.

Very importantly, we attend all Fish & Wildlife Commissioner Meetings in Frankfort. We also attend the League of Kentucky Sportsmen's Annual Convention where we have voting delegates. We strongly support bowhunter education across the state and the National Archery in the Schools Program. We attend the Annual League of Kentucky Sportsmen's Convention. We support such programs as the National Archery in Schools and Hunters for the Hungry. We are the founders and administrators of the Kentucky State Bowfishing Records Program. We strongly support IBEP (International Bowhunter Education Program) and Bowhunter Education across the State.

Truly, we believe that you will find UBK to be an organization which you will be proud to be a part of.


1985 Stance on the Crossbow

The UBK respects all sportsmen regardless of whether they hunt, fish, trap, photograph, or hike in the out of doors.  We recognize these people, regardless of weapon, as fellow sportsmen.  We ONLY represent the BOWHUNTER.  We were formed to promote, protect, and preserve the SPORT of BOWHUNTING.  Therefore, we have taken this stance against the crossbow as legal archery equipment and its use during any of the archery season.

              The crossbow does not remotely resemble a hand held bow and arrow and certainly doesn’t qualify as a hand-drawn and released weapon.  The crossbow looks and performs more like a gun than a bow.  The crossbow is held, aimed, and fired, like a rifle.  It can be carried in a loaded, ready to fire position.  The compound crossbow is far to accurate and deadly to be allowed during the entire archery season.  The crossbow is far easier to shoot and requires less skill and practice to become proficient than a bow.

              If the crossbow is allowed during the entire archery season it would lead to only one thing, an increase in harvest numbers, and therefore a shorter season.  This is what UBK has pledged to protect against.

              In addition, all major bowhunting organizations, state and national, oppose the crossbow and The Pope & Young Club does not allow game taken with a crossbow in its record book.