Conservation Officer of the Year Award

Each year for over 30 years...UBK has awarded the Conservation Officer of the year award to an outstanding Conservation Officer with the Department of Fish and Wildlife. This year UBK  will present the Conservation Officer of the Year Award at the August 5th 2016 Commission Meeting in Frankfort....the presentation is scheduled for 9:30 AM...please plan to attend and show our support....

Kentucky State Bowfishing Records Program

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NASP --National Archery in Schools Program

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KDFW Approves Bear Season  for 16 Counties..

At the June 7, 2013 Commission Meeting, a bear hunting season was approved for Archery and Crossbows.

The season dates are November 23 Thu December 1 with a limit of 10 Bears. After 5 females are taken the season ends. 

Bait cannot be used!!!

The time of the hunt was chosen in hopes that most of the females will be in the dens.

 Click here for a map of the Counties included in the area.