UBK Action Alert

On March 23, 2018 the Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Commission will take action on the matter of whether or not to allow crossbows to be used during the entire archery season in Kentucky.

UBK was established over thirty-five years ago with one mission....to Preserve, Protect and Defend Bowhunting in the State of Kentucky.

This issue comes up about every ten years and UBK has always been the lone voice protecting Bowhunting is the state. The last time there was an attempt to take away more quality bowhunting time from the bowhunters was around 2010 and UBK fought to minimize the damage and negotiated a compromise...we were promised at that time this would never come up again.

As UBK members we asking you to contact your commissioner and voice your opposition to this change and by all means if you can...attend the Commission Meeting on March 23, 2018 in Frankfort. 

Contact anyone you can to help in this effort.

Kentucky State Bowfishing Records Program

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NASP --National Archery in Schools Program

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